A Naked Body Made of Candle Wax

Candles made with sweetness for calmness everywhere in your place.

Get to know about us

Our room is a very special spot to create multiple candles with differences fragrances 100% vegetal.

We are glad to be part of this beautiful world of candles, being creative and patience and try to help people with scents to relax, concentrate, inspire, calm and enjoy differences spaces in their houses.

Process in Making a Homemade Candle

What we can do for you

Candle Home Design

Coconut bowl/ wood Candle

Container candle

candle Portfolio

Yarn Ball Candle

Soy handmade candles. Two natural white bubble candles. Decor

Bubble Candle (S/M sizes)

Rose Candle

Owl Candle

Rose Woman Candle

Hug Candle

Flower Candle

Bear Candle

Egg Candle

Cone design Candle

Rainbow Candle

Shell Candle (S/M sizes)

Diamond cube Candle

Coconut bowl Candle

Abstract figure Candle

Flowers candle

candle options

Photo Of Candle On Wooden Tray

Candle in glass

Candle in can

Candle in coconut bowl

Candle-Home decor

candle fragrances

Lemon, lavender and rosemary.


Center Line Icon
air freshener

Refresh Air

Peppermint, sweet orange and lavender


Refresh Spirit

Lavender, sweet orange, bergamont and Frankincense

Stars Glyph Icon

Good night

Dream catcher

Sweet orange, lavender and chamomile,

Anxiety Disorder

Bye bye Anxiety

Lavender, jasmine and Frankincense.

Wind Face Icon

Sweet dreams

Breath with me

Lavender, Yang ylang, rose and chamomile.

Tea tree, eucalyptus and geranium.

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